Sometimes, a backyard can be a perfect location for an engagement session. Most of the images here were taken at Nick and Ada’s backyard. The lake was completely frozen. The bare trees provided an interesting backdrop. The air was cold but their love for each other was burning hot! Thank you very much Nick and Ada for the honor to document your engagement session!

2014_11_30_Kuennen-1 2014_11_30_Kuennen-2 2014_11_30_Kuennen-3 2014_11_30_Kuennen-4 2014_11_30_Kuennen-5 2014_11_30_Kuennen-6 2014_11_30_Kuennen-7 2014_11_30_Kuennen-8 2014_11_30_Kuennen-9 2014_11_30_Kuennen-10 2014_11_30_Kuennen-11 2014_11_30_Kuennen-12 2014_11_30_Kuennen-13 2014_11_30_Kuennen-14 2014_11_30_Kuennen-15 2014_11_30_Kuennen-16 2014_11_30_Kuennen-17 2014_11_30_Kuennen-18 2014_11_30_Kuennen-19 2014_11_30_Kuennen-20