Kolby + Kavitha Engagement Session


The love that Kolby and Kavitha showed proved how the world has become smaller. Kolby comes from a military background and Kavitha dances professionally. Kavitha comes from Malaysia and is of Indian descent.  However, they found love and is manifesting it profoundly.

During the engagement session, I told them that the session would be about them. It would be as if I don’t exist. It would be as if they spent the lazy afternoon together. They did exactly that.

Thank you very much Kolby and Kavitha for the privilege of documenting your engagement session.

Kolby + Kavitha-31 Kolby + Kavitha-30 Kolby + Kavitha-29 Kolby + Kavitha-28 Kolby + Kavitha-27 Kolby + Kavitha-26 Kolby + Kavitha-24 Kolby + Kavitha-23 Kolby + Kavitha-22 Kolby + Kavitha-21 Kolby + Kavitha-20 Kolby + Kavitha-19 Kolby + Kavitha-18 Kolby + Kavitha-17 Kolby + Kavitha-16 Kolby + Kavitha-15 Kolby + Kavitha-14 Kolby + Kavitha-13 Kolby + Kavitha-12 Kolby + Kavitha-11 Kolby + Kavitha-10 Kolby + Kavitha-9 Kolby + Kavitha-8 Kolby + Kavitha-7 Kolby + Kavitha-6 Kolby + Kavitha-5 Kolby + Kavitha-4 Kolby + Kavitha-3 Kolby + Kavitha-2 Kolby + Kavitha-1

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